We are delighted to be working with Together for Ipswich

"Together for Ipswich is here to provide a communication vehicle between the Civic Authorities, particularly the Local Authority, and the Christian churches, charities and people in Ipswich. This will enable a better understanding of how local policy impacts on ordinary people, and a way to explore shared initiatives and effective partnership."

See their website for the links to initiatives and news across the Town.

October 21st Conference

Many thanks for everyone who came together to make this second Conference such a great success. Click on the links below to watch the conference extracts.

Dr Lolu Ogunniyi

Lolu is a GP based at Burlington Primary Care and is a member of the governing body of the Ipswich & East Suffolk Clinical Commissioning Group.

Click for Conference extract.

Paul Clement

Paul is the CEO of Ipswich Central who are taking a leading role to forge the future strategy for Ipswich.

Click for Conference extract.

Thanks for getting involved in the Breakout Groups. Recordings are now available to view within the Dr Lolu Ogunniyi and Paul Clement Conference extracts.

Christian Leaders Forum

Click for Conference extract.

Learning from Reading meeting: HUBS concept and Council communications 

Click for Conference extract.

CYM Vision

CYM have launched their new Vision - have you seen the video yet?

Results of the Ipswich Faith Action Audit

Thank you so much to all of you who took part! Here are the headline results, which are stunning and amazing !!
Audit of Churches and Christian charities in Ipswich shows nearly 10,000 people assisted during the COVID pandemic
A survey of Christian Churches and charities in Ipswich has shown that they have assisted nearly 10,000 people in Ipswich in practical ways during the COVID pandemic. 
Click the download button below to receive a copy of the results, analysis and press release.

Main Speaker April 21 Presentations:

Rev Roger Sutton - Gather Networks
Archdeacon Rhiannon King
Tom Hunt MP for Ipswich

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